Hammer Call Analyzer

Hammer Call Analyzer 1.13

Quickly identifying the source and root cause of network problems (See all)

Quickly identifying the source and root cause of network problems is critical to timely deployment and customer satisfaction for VoIP networks, applications and services. With calls traversing multiple devices (perhaps spanning multiple domains with different protocols), problem analysis and diagnosis for call flow, signaling and equipment related issues is often a complex and tedious job.

To help address and troubleshoot these issues, Empirix offers the Hammer Call Analyzer, a time-saving diagnostic and analysis tool for VoIP, IMS, and converged networks that speeds the debug process and dramatically boosts engineering productivity in tracing media and signaling problems through networks.
Unlike other network analyzers, the Hammer Call Analyzer is VoIP protocol aware with powerful capabilities designed to help engineers find the few needles in the protocol haystack. For example, the unique multi-stage call flow display walks users through the legs of a particular call. This feature enables engineers to visualize problems in the way messages are exchanged between the various VoIP devices along the way and to quickly solve those problems. Similarly, comprehensive media analysis tools enable users to quickly visualize and diagnose media problems.

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